Poria as Food and Medicine has Good Effects on Treat Disease

Poria is sweet, light and neutral. It has the function of removing swelling, excreting dampness, strengthening spleen and calming the mind. It can be used in the treatment of various kinds of edema, spleen deficiency syndrome and heart palpitations and insomnia. The function of strengthening sleen and calming the mind is particularly important.茯苓中心丁

Due to poria is neutral in nature, it can be take for a long term. Poria can be used in excess syndrome and deficiency syndrome, which is one of the major features of calming the mind. Many other drugs are irreplaceable. It has good effects on insomnia.


Insomnia: take 50 grams of poria and decoct 2 times with water. Take juice about 100 ml and take 2 times. Respectively take in naps and bedtime before half an hour. Stop all the sedative, fast food and spicy food during the medication.

Edema: eat biscuit with 30% content of poria. Each adult take 8 pieces (each piece contains 3.5 grams of drug), and take 3 times a day and children keep half.

Infantile diarrhea: grind poria into fine powder, each time takes 0.5 to 1 grams and take 3 times a day. In clinical, it is used in the treatment of infantile diarrhea.

Rheumatoid arthritis: 50 grams of poria, 30 grams of radix stephaniae tetrandrae and 30 grams of achyranthes. Decoct three times to take juice without residue. Stew a pettitoe to take two meals and even take 7 days.

Cardiac edema: 50 grams of poria, 30 grams of astragalus, 20 grams of pericarpium arecae, 20 grams of rhizoma alismatis and 30 grams of ligusticum wallichii. Decoct with water with three times to take juice without residue. Use medicine juice to cook 50 grams of rice into porridge. Eat three meals a day and even take 2 months.

Morbid leucorrhea: 30 grams of poria powder, 30 grams of psyllium seed, 60 grams of rice, appropriate amount of sugar. Decoct psyllium seed (bundle) with 300 ml of water. When cook for half an hour, remove the gruffs. Add rice, poria powder and the appropriate amount of water to cook porridge. Add the appropriate amount of sugar. Take 2 times a day with empty stomach. Function: excreting dampnessm, clearing heat and strengthening spleen.it is suitable for morbid leucorrhea. Note: pregnant women should not use.

Recipes for Tastelessness, Bitter Taste and Salty Taste

Many people often feel “tastelessness” and poor appetite. Or people often have “bitter taste” phenomenon after staying up late. Tastelessness, bitter taste and salty taste, what dose the abnormal phenomenon means? Do you believe that it is the warning from the body? They tell you: your body needs conditioning!

Taste is the body’s normal physiological phenomenon, which is related to the body’s internal organs, such as tasteless and sweet taste is most closely related to the spleen, and salty taste is most closely related to the kidney. “Under the normal circumstances, people’s taste will not be partial to one taste, which results in human organs reconciling and normal physiological functions. If there is no food to stimulate, the first feeling of a taste (sour, sweet, bitter, salty, pale, etc.) in the morning will be particularly evident, even all day with this feeling. Thus, your taste is unusual. ”

Conditioning recipe of tastelessness:

1, Chinese yam and jujube tea
You can put 10 grams of yam and 10 grams of jujube in water to boil for half an hour, and the n made yam and jujube tea. You can daily drink 200 ml or so, about to drink a week, the situation will be improved. Yam and jujube can strengthen spleen and nourish Qi, which can nurse the weak stomach back to health.

2, Agastache rugosus and hawthorn tea
If you not only have tastelessness but also have physical fatigue and limb heaviness, you can take this tea. You can decoct 10 grams of Agastache rugosus, 10 grams of radix pseudostellariae (later put), 6 grams of fructus amomi (later put), 12 grams of fired rhizoma atractylodis macrocephalae, 15 grams of poria, 3 grams of tangerine peel, 10 grams of medicated leaven and 12 grams of hawthorn (roasted) with 750ml water. You should fry 750ml water into 250ml water. You can take two times a day with warm-decoction.

Conditioning recipe of bitter taste:

1, Chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea
You can soak 10 grams of chrysanthemum and 10 grams of wolfberry with boiling water. It can help clear heat and remove the liver-fire.

2, Chrysanthemum, pearl barley and wax gourd tea
You can cook 15 grams of chrysanthemum and 30 grams of pearl barley for 30 minutes. Remove the residue, and then add the 100 grams of wax gourd to cook for about 20 minutes. Finally, add an appropriate amount of sugar.

Conditioning recipe of Sweet taste:

Radix rehmanniae recens and radix pseudostellariae soup
You can cook 10 grams of patchouli leaves, 15 grams of radix rehmanniae, 10 grams of gardenia and 10 grams of radix pseudostellariae and some lean to make a soup. It also can often take tofu cabbage soup and wild amaranth soup.

Conditioning recipe of sour taste:

Chrysanthemum and radix rehmanniae tea
You can cook 15 grams of wolfberry, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 15 grams of Radix Rehmanniae, 6 grams of fructus amomi with 400 ml water for 5-10 minutes. You can take with warm-decoction.

Conditioning recipe of ozostomia:

1, Radix Scutellariae and radix rehmanniae tea
You can decoct 10 grams of rheum officinale, 5 grams of coptis chinensis, 5 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, and 15 grams of radix rehmanniae with 750 ml water. You can take 250 ml juice to take.

2, Hawthorn water
You can cook 30 grams of hawthorn with the right amount of water for about 20 minutes.

3, Eupatorium and agastache rugosus tea
You can decoct 10 grams of eupatorium, 10 grams of agastache rugosus, 10 grams of Radix Scutellariae, 10 grams of rheum officinale, 15 grams of radix rehmanniae, 5 grams of licorice root with water to gargle. It can remove ozostomia.

Conditioning recipe of salty taste:

Chinese Yam and wolfberry porridge
You can cook porridge with 15 grams of Chinese Yam and 10 grams of wolfberry. it can nourish yin and tonify kidney.

Four Prescriptions of Herbal Tea to Treat Cold

In China, there is a long history that uses Chinese medicine tea to treat disease. As early as the Tang Dynasty, there is an old saying that “medicine treats 100 diseases, tea cures 100 illnesses”. Nowadays, in the pharmacy, everywhere places “herbal tea” at the counter with various effect s and disease prevention and health care. Recently, as the popularity of cold, people may choose “herbal tea” to cure a cold.咳嗽

1. Materials: 50 grams of radix isatidis root, 50 grams of folium isatidis, 30 grams of honeysuckle and 30 grams of wild chrysanthemum.
Method: soak all materials in a cup with boiling water.
Function: it has better curative effects on the prevention of influenza, epidemic encephalitis and respiratory tract infections.

2. Materials: 30 grams of cyrtomium rhizome, 30 grams of radix isatidis root and 15 grams of licorice root.
Method: soak the above materials with boiling water and take instead of tea.
Function: it has a strong effect on preventing influenza virus and clearing heat and relieving toxin.

3. Materials: 3 pieces of ginger slices and appropriate amount of brown sugar.
Method: soak with boiling water and daily take 1 ~ 2 times. Take with warm temperature at any time.
Function: it is used for anemofrigid cold, fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, cough or
vomiting, abdominal distension, stomach pain and other symptoms.

4. Materials: 3 grams of ginger slice and 3 grams of folium perillae.
Method: put in cup and soak with boiling water for 10 minutes. Take 2 times in the morning and in the evening.
Function: it is applicable to anemofrigid cold, headache and fever and other flu symptoms.

The Good Dietary Therapy for Insomnia

Scallion stalk and jujube soup失眠

Material: 20 jujubes, 8 scallion stalk.
Method: soak jujubes in the water and wash, add 250 ml of water and cook for 20 minutes. Then add scallion stalk, continue with small fire to simmer for 15 minutes. Drink with warm temperature, every day 1 ~ 3 times and each 150 to 200 ml.
Function: dispelling wind and cold, enhancing spleen and nourishing heart, which is suitable for insomnia and dreaminess due to neurasthenia.

Lotus seed , osmanthus fragrans and rock candy soup

Material: 120 grams of lotus, 150 grams of rock candy, 15 grams of osmanthus fragrans, some tremella fuciformis
Method: soak lotus seed with cold water, remove the lotus seed heart, and then put on the steamer to steam for 45 minutes and spare. Soak tremella fuciformis with warm water until become soft, and then remove yellow root, wash, steam and spare. Put water into the pot, add rock candy and osmanthus fragrans to boil, and then add tremella fuciformis, put into a large bowl, then put the steamed lotus seeds into a large bowl and pour rock candy sauce of pot into the bowl. It also can match with edible.
Function: nourishing yin and moistening lungs as well as tonifying spleen and calming the mind. It is used to treat insomnia, dry cough, vexation, dry throat and loss of appetite due to a variety of chronic lesion of heart and lung.

Appropriate food for people with insomnia:

1, staple food and beans: wheat, buckwheat and other food with rich mineral.
2, vegetables: yam, onion, hemerocallis citrina, such food with rich calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.
3, fruits: people with insomnia because of excessive fatigue can eat some apples, bananas, pears and other fruits, these fruits are alkaline food, which have the effect on anti muscle fatigue.
4, others: pay attention to eat more food to help the brain to calm.

Diet taboo of people with insomnia:

1, avoid spicy food, such as pepper which can make nerves be excited, aggravate panasthenia and insomnia.
2, avoid the food which is not easy to digest, such as fried food, fat meat, sticky rice, which impact sleep due to the time of staying in the stomach is too long.
3, avoid excited food, such as smoke, wine, tea, cocoa, and coffee.
4, ensure reasonable and moderate eating and avoid eating too much before going to bed.


Honeysuckle, also called flos lonicerae, which is dry bud or flowers in nascent stage of honeysuckle. Harvest in early summer before flower opening and then dry up. There are a lot of areas of planting honeysuckle. Henan and Shandong are the main producing areas. It has sweet and cold in property. It enters lung, heart and stomach meridians. Generally, it is used for clearing away heat and toxic material and dispelling wind and heat. It can treat furuncle, carbuncle, pharyngitis, erysipelas, toxic heat, bloody flux, anemopyretic cold and fever with warm disease. Generally, single dosage is 6 ~ 15 g. 金银花1

The functions of honeysuckle

1. Resist pathogenic microorganism
It has a certain effect on inhibiting all kinds of pathogenic bacteria such as staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, bacillus coli, bacillus dysenteriae, and so on.

2. Inhibit influenza virus
It has effects on inhibiting and removing bacteria for pneumococcus, diplococcus intracellularis , Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and tubercle bacillus. It can inhibit influenza virus and herpesvirus.

3. Eliminate inflammation and relieve toxin
There is a strong effect on dispersing carbuncle with removing swelling, clearing heat with relieving toxin and eliminate inflammation for carbuncle, furunculosis, intestinal abscess and abscess of lung.

4. Sparse heat and disperse pathogenic factor
It has effect on affection of exogenous wind-heat, beginning of warm disease body heat with headache, vexation with little sleep, coma with dark red tongue and dry mouth and throat.

5. Cooling blood with relieving dysentery
For toxic heat, dysentery, alo laxata, pus-blood and sore throat, it has effect on cooling blood, relieving dysentery, relieving toxin and relieving sore throat.

6. Clear heat with relieving toxin and dispel wind and heat
It can treat summer heat, dysentery, diarrhea, flu, furuncle, pyogenic infections, acute and chronic tonsillitis and paradentitis.

In addition to do medicine, it has more magical effect on beauty, weight loss and health. It is very significant to protect and repair body.
Application of honeysuckle

Three flower tea

Material: 10 grams of Honeysuckle, 5 grams of lotus flower, 5 grams of the tribute chrysanthemum, 8 grams of licorice root.
Method: divide into 10 equal parts. Soak one part with boiling water ever day.
Function: clear heat with relieving toxin and nourish blood and yin. It can remove acne, comedo and aphtha of mouth and tongue due to stomach heat or lung heat.

Honeysuckle mint tea金银花

Method: soak honeysuckle and mint with boiling water for a 15 minute, and then add honey.
Function: remove prickly heat

Honeysuckle soup

Method: first use large fire to steam, and then change it into small fire for 30 minutes. Put the soup out and add some rock candy.
Function: clear heat and relieving summer-heat

Honeysuckle tea

Method: soak hawthorn and honeysuckle hot boiling water. Drink it instead of drinking tea.
Function: stimulate appetite and help to digest.

The Functions of Goji Berry

1.Improve night blindness and blurring of image枸杞4

Method: you can soak 6 grams of goji berry and 6 grams of white chrysanthemums with water and instead of tea.

2.Improve hypertension and diabetes

Method: you can decoct 15 grams of goji berry and instead of tea every day. Often take will be effective.

3.Cure thirst at night

Method: the older can chew 30 grams of goji berry after washing every night. Continuously take 10 days will be generally effective. If it is necessary, it can be taken for continuous use.

4.Treat deficiency of the liver, eye pain, tearing on exposure to wind, and cataract

Method: you can soak 250 grams of goji berry with fit amount of yellow rice wine in the altar. After being sealed 1-2 months, you can drink fit amount every day and 2 times a day.

5.Relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization

Method: you can wash 10 grams of goji berry, 15 grams of longan flesh, 4 red dates and 100 grams of rice with water to cook congee. This recipe has a good effect on treating deficiency of blood and agrypnia. It is proper to eat usually.

6.Treat barrenness of male

Method: men can chew 15 grams of goji berry every night. A month is a course of treatment. Men also can take several courses of treatment. During take medication, men should appropriately forbid sexual abstinence.

枸杞57.Lose weight
Method: you can brew 30 grams of goji berry with boiling water every morning and evening. Taking continuously four months can achieve better slimming effect and no side effect.

8.Improve diabetes

Method: you can chew 100 grams of goji berry after steaming. You can take 10 grams each time and 3 times a day. It can be long-term taken, which can reduce blood sugar and relieve thirst.

9.Stop pregnancy vomiting

Method: you can brew 50 grams of goji berry and 50 grams of scutellaria with boiling water in the porcelain with cover. When it becomes warm, you can frequently drink. After drinking over, you can use boiling water to continuously brew until cure.

10.Cure chronic atrophic gastritis

Method: you can bake goji berry from Ningxia and to smash and then package. You can daily chew 20 grams and 2 times when you have empty stomach. 2 month is 1 treatment course.

11.Black hair

Method: you can decoct 100 grams of goji berry and 12 walnut seed, 100 grams of small black beans with appropriate amount of water. When it becomes boiling, you can put in the refrigerator. Take 15-30 grams in daily morning and evening after heating.

12.Improve presbyopia

You can refer to the following recipe: take a spoonful of high-quality goji berry and brew with boiling water. When two or three minutes later and the water temperature are slightly cool, you can put a spoon of honey and stir. Drink one cup every morning and evening. After two months, it will be effective.
It is worth reminding that you should choose the high-quality goji berry. If you find it has flavor of alcohol, you should not use it. You can eat goji berry throughout all year. You might as well try more.

Codonopsis as Ginseng, Which is Warm in Nature for Health Care

党参11.Codonopsis is neutral in nature with sweet taste. Strengthen spleen and nourish lung.

The Chinese medicine thought that codonopsis is neutral in nature with sweet taste. It enters spleen and lung meridians. Tonify middle energizer and qi, strengthen spleen and nourish lung. It is used for weakness of lung and spleen, shortness of breath, palpitation, poor appetite, loose stools, dyspnea due to deficiency, cough, endogenous heat, consumptive thirst and other diseases.

Codonopsis is a usual herb of medicine and food, which is appropriate to make soup, simmer, soak in wine, brew tea and decoct. Decoct with medical material is the best. Take 5-10 grams in medicined diet every day and take 10-30 grams in medical material.

2.There is big difference between codonopsis and ginseng. Codonopsis often is used for health care in daily life.

Ginseng and codonopsis both have functions of invigorating the spleen and qi, promoting the secretion of body fluid, nourishing the blood and strengthening the body resistance. However, the ginseng is partially warm in nature and the nourishing effect is strong. Mostly it is used in danger. If it is improper to be used, it will have obvious side effects. For the daily health care, people should be cautious to use ginseng.

The codonopsis is neutral in nature with sweet taste. Effect is mitigatory. It is a tonic product. It can widely suit people with fewer side effects, so it is commonly used in health care.

Due to the effects of codonopsis like ginseng, although less potency, it has low-cost advantage with amounts. Thus, the ancients often use codonopsis to replace the ginseng for treatment of patients with some mild deficiency and chronic disease. In addition, codonopsis with radix rehmanniae preparata has effects on treatment of qi, lung and kidney deficiency.

Codonopsis, jujube and pork ribs soup党参红枣炖排骨

Materials: 30 grams of codonopsis, 500 grams of pork ribs, 8 jujubes and appropriate amount of ginger, scallion, salt and pepper powder.
1.Wash codonopsis and cut into sections with 3 cm long. Wash jujubes and remove nutlet.
2.Wash pork ribs, chop into sections and then scald a moment. Fish out. Wash ginger and scallion, pat ginger into loosening and cut scallion into sections.
3.Put pork ribs, codonopsis, jujubes, ginger and scallion into pot, add some clean water and then put pot on fire. Cook with strong fire. After boiling, switch into soft fire to cook for 1.5 hours. Add salt and pepper powder.
Function: the soup can tonify middle energizer and qi, strengthen spleen and nourish lung.